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Visual Storytelling – storyboard and composition

Here are some useful reading and resources to further expand on principals of visual composition in all kinds of visual arts, and also a little more about techniques and tools for creating storyboards.

Storyboards are used in pre-production of all kinds of motion picture, not only animation, and are also very useful in envisioning user-scenarios in the early stages of digital product design.

Composition – Rule of the thirds

Perspective – 3 Point Perspective

Storyboard – Storyboard 101

Another entry level storyboard tutorial

Storyboard secrets – A whole blog just about storyboard making

Composition – Creating Depth in Art and Photography

Depth of Field – everything you wanted to know

500 (!) Storyboard resources and tutorials – very exhaustive

Dive in and enjoy!

[- Eyal]



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