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Interactive Examples / Hanna Moon

1. GE Smart Grid:

2. The Wilderness Downtown:

3. Adobe The Expressive Web:

4. CNN Eco Sphere:

5.This Shell:


Water Effect

Stumbled across this awesome water animation on the Bloomingdale’s site.  I would love to be able to recreate this!  Move your mouse over the model…


Kinect, Motion Capture, and Riding the Uncanny Valley through .gifs

These were brought to my attention by Kyle McDonald, who is teaching OpenFrameworks this semester

“Catalina” by Moullinex (kinect-driven music video)

motion capture (not kinect) for visualizing the movement of a drummer:

the work of francoise gamma, thinking about the intersection of body-glitch and 3d:


Visualizing ISAM

Visualizing ISAM from Leviathan on Vimeo.

About the making of Amon Tobin’s audio visual performance – ISAM. In collaboration with Derivative studio.

A lot more details in Derivative’s site:


an oversimplification of her beauty

I saw this film at a film festival screening this weekend at the walter reade theatre near lincoln center.  terence nance uses lots of different forms of animation including stop-motion, paper cutout, and so much more…the animation is vivid, beautiful, and so original–i definitely recommend watching this film during the festival simply to experience its many different forms of animation. -tali


This is a permanent installation at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, UK.  The animation creates a beautiful and compelling illusion of waves.  Maritime museums are usually divorced from the heart of their subject matter– the sea.  This installation manages to recreate the rhythm and splendor of the ocean.  The designers, The Light Surgeons, use words from meta tags associated with the museum’s collection to create the waves.




Marco Tempest and Miwa Matreyek cross the line between reality and surrealism. When I was a little kid, an old man told me that if I broke the TV’s screen the smurfs will come out running into my living room. It took a lot of serious thinking, but I really wanted to become a little blue smurf and join the creatures at least for one episode.I decided to throw a chair at the TV set in my mother’s room. I was terribly dissapointed when I just saw sparks come out of the TV and heard my mother screaming. Now there is no need for chairs, Marco and Miwa show that we might as well step behind the screen and become a character, touch the screen and affect the creatures on the magical world, breath and create a character, move around and become part of the world of our imagination.


Valentine’s Concert


subway zoetrope

This medium has been around and in use for quite some time, but I have yet to see a really spectacular implementation of it. The only examples I’ve ever seen have been either advertising or proof-of-concept like animations, nothing that tells a story or demands attention.

I also wonder whether, with the cost of slim profile video monitors dropping each year, whether it would be possible to create an animation in the subway that changes dynamically over time, or in response to train traffic, temperature, train speed… it seems like a relatively unexplored medium.



Quayola (aka ‘dQ’) and Memo Akten through digital production outfit Nexus Interactive Arts, have created ‘Forms’, a multiscreen digital artwork commissioned by the National Media Museum for the exhibition In the Blink of an Eye: Media and Movement, which is part of the Cultural Olympiad programme. This generative animation and interactive installation will display at the Museum from 9 March – 2 September.