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Inspiration – start here

The web is overwhelmingly full with great works of animation to view. The challenge is to sort the interesting and relevant works to observe and learn from.
The following blogs do a great job in curating interesting works, covering different fields of media and design. Great for expanding the scope of what’s possible with animation these days.

Motionographer – The main hub for cutting edge animation and special effects works. Covers the range between commercial and independent works – updates frequently

creative applications network – Not exclusive for animation. Covers new media and interactive works, from the innovative and experimental side of the spectrum.

Behance – A great inspiration blog, for many fields of design. This link is to the animation category, but make sure to check other categories as well.

cartoon brew – A blog by animation historian Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi, broadly covering animation news, opinion and artistry. Focused mainly on traditional cartoon animation.

4mations – A community driven blog, featuring independent short animated films.

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Resources – After Effects

There are many ways to approach learning how to operate Adobe After Effects. You can use books for comprehensive reference of every single feature. You can also follow video tutorials for a step-by-step instruction about specific subjects. The best learning experience is achieved when these two are combined with working on your own projects, practicing how to translate your ideas into fully-realized animations.

Some selected links to websites, providing good video tutorials –

These two sister websites to AEtuts, cover tutorials for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator