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Reactive waterflow with ASCII characters




The Can

The Can from Carlos Lascano on Vimeo.

Make sure to check out other works by this animator on his Vimeo channel

[-] Eyal

Happy 2012 from Alienatio

Good example for hand drawn animation, footage tracking and compositing.

Happy 2012 from Alienatio from ALIENATIO on Vimeo.


[-] Eyal

Alphabetic – type animation

ALPHABETIC from BlinkmyBrain” on Vimeo.

A showcase of well crafted motion. Relevant to our recent discussion in class.



Video Game Planet Animation


The animation is beautiful, timed well with the animation, and the illustration style is wonderful.


Anatomy of a Murder


‘butterfly in the storm





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BlaBla by Vincent Morisset

Vincent Morisset calls this piece a “film for computer.” Separated into 6 different chapters, each segment allows the viewer to participate in the video by clicking around the screen using the mouse. I enjoy the somewhat haunting soundtrack, the animation style and the interactive nature of this simple piece. My personal favorite is chapter 4, but the whole animation is worth exploring more than once.

-Eric Hagan